Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mini Muddy Buddy

So Shane and Brandon (college buddy) decided to do the Muddy is a race where you run/bike and do obstacle courses then at the very end, you army crawl through a huge mud pit...just look at pics...They got 4th place! Not bad for their first one!!

Well we signed the boys up for the Mini Muddy Buddy...they were in HEAVEN. They ran a little obstacle course, crawled through the mud pit, ran across the finish line (where they put a medal around their neck), then got to wash off in the lake!! BOY HEAVEN!! I posted tons of pics/videos, but this was so cool!!

Really random, but Paul Mitchell was the main sponsor, so they were doing $10 haircuts. The boys always need a haircut, they are chia pets, so we take them over there and Chase tells the guy he wants a mohawk! The guy says you dont have enough hair, so he gave him a fauxhawk!! That kid is a trip!

Here are the pics, but scroll down for the videos!!!


This Southern Belle said...

How much fun! That's what I was thinking--boy HEAVEN!

Naomi said...

Love the fauxhawk. It's one of the thing Ronald is looking forward to the most about having a boy - having a mowhawk...LOL. Too bad the kid won't have enough hair :) Great pictures - looks like a lot of fun!

Amy said...

How crazy is that? Emma would totally do it!