Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Boats

Gabe starts basketball tonight...his first practice. He is SO excited. He left for school this morning and said, "Bye Dad, see you at practice tonight." Dad is coach and all the kids on his team are in Kindergarten with him at his school. Does it get any better? O I forgot to mention that Chase and I are default cheerleaders for games AND practices. We went to get him some new basketball shoes, since the ones he got in Sept no longer fit! Check out his new boats, I mean shoes! That tall boy is in a size 4! Did I fail to mention he turned 6 in Sept!! Gonna go buy some stock in Nike.

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louann said...

I love that tall boy, big "boats" and all! Feet don't fail him now LOL.

Katie said...

He's gonna have so much fun!! I can't believe how tall he's getting!!

Naomi said...

I wonder who he could possibly take after?