Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lifestyle Fast

Ok, I am gonna need some serious accountability on this one...Our church challenged us this week to do a lifestyle fast for a week. This is to give up something for a week that consumes your time and keeps you from spending time with I am giving up the internet for the week...yes you heard it right. I will not be blogging from Mon to Sun. I WILL be checking my email, but no surfing the web. Help by praying for the strength to follow through! Who knows what God will show me while I am spending time with Him instead of! ;)

Here are the details:


This Southern Belle said...

Now THAT is a hard one, but I know you'll do great! I've done the same before, and I was shocked by the amount of time I had during the day!

Amy said...

Good luck!! I'm restricting my internet time this week too. But it's because I'm at the beach and plan on lots of relaxation and cocktails. Surfing and rum do not mix!

Dawn said...

Hi girlie...found you through Narci's blog...cute blog title. :) And what a great challenge, Andrea! You'll do great! We were just talking about this in our bible study class too. Good luck!