Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who is this kid?

Ok, I know you guys are sick of all the swimming videos, but let me just explain why I am so proud of Chase. Gabe has always been a great swimmer, but my little Chase, poor guy, he inherited all my "fears." Over the last few weeks he has become a different child. Last year we went to the lake and he screamed the entire time we were on the boat, so we had to take him off the boat, this year after an hour and a half of crying, he FINALLY got over his fear and now LOVES the boat. He also used to be afraid of the a week ago, now he is swimming like a champ....With the boat and water fears taken care of, our next battle is his fear of the wind. Ya, kinda hard to do anything...he freaks seeing flags, trees blowing, step at a time. Thus, the reason for all the swimming pics!

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