Thursday, July 10, 2008


We went for a last minute, quick trip to Houston 2 weeks ago to celebrate our 9th anniversary. While there we took the kids to Galveston and Kemah!

We spent the day at Galveston collecting shells, swimming and building sandcastles.

Then we went to Kemah, rode rides, played games and Gabe and I rode "The Beast." (a thrill ride that the whole purpose is to go fast and get you wet!) Gabe won a red scooby doo and Chase actually made a basket on the basketball game where the basketball barely fits!!


Amy said...

Looks like we might have been there at the same time! You should definitely give me a call next time you're in town!

Katie said...

WOW, looks like Y'all had a blast!!

Hannah said...

looks like fun, the boys look even bigger... can I cry?