Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Our House

Shane's brother Steve and his family came from Florida for Christmas this year. The kids had a BLAST...did I say the kids had fun? I mean a BLAST!! Stevie is 4 just like Chase and Aidan is 8, just old enough to tolerate and enjoy Gabe!! ;) Stevie and Chase immediately took off and were joined at the hip the entire time! The first few days were yucky cold and wet, so we were confined to the house until the kids went to a bounce house place while Landis (my SIL) and I made Chex Mix! (which was supposed to be given to friends and neighbors, but we ate it all!) We all went to Christmas Eve candlelight service and then to Pappasito's for dinner. (a restaurant that every major event has been celebrated at in most of our lives) We heated the hot tub on Christmas day, cranked the Christmas music on the patio and let the kids swim! (We adults hit the hot tub later that night!) The weather cleared up and we LIVED outside. Kids played street hockey with their new gear, rode bikes, drove remote control trucks and rode scooters. It was a great time and sad when we had to say goodbye. Kids are bored now!! :)

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