Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa's Village

Santa's Village is a group of about 12 mini-houses (sheds turned into mini homes) that are turned into a village, there was Santa's house where the kids sat on Santa's lap, Mrs. Claus' bakery where she handed them a cookie, The North Pole Fire Station, where they could dress up like a fireman, and lots of others. It is really a neat place. Santa also is brought in on a firetruck with sirens blaring!! Pretty cool! We went with some good friends Jaime and Jared, and their kids Jenna and Jonah.


Gabe, Jonah and Chase climbing on the nutcracker that almost tipped over...hey! they were quiet!! ;)


The kids waiting impatiently in line to see Santa.


Jenna and Chase looking through the window of Santa's house. Seriously, these two were seperated at birth!

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